woensdag 19 december 2018

Unilever leader in eradicating forced labor from it’s supply chains

Unilever leader in eradicating forced labor from it's supply chains
KnowTheChain evaluated 38 of the largest global food and beverage companies on the forced labor policies and procedures that each company has in place. This report marks KnowTheChain's second food and beverage benchmark since it was launched in 2016. Unilever remains the top-scoring company. The 38...
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Single-use plastics: Commission welcomes ambitious agreement on new rules to reduce marine litter
The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached a provisional political agreement on the ambitious new measures proposed by the Commission to tackle marine litter at its source, targeting the 10 plastic products most often found on our beaches as well as abandoned fishing...
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Al de hardware die wij gebruiken doorgeven aan onderwijsinstellingen
Blok toelichting:  Laptops, printers, beeldschermen, toetsenborden, computers etcetera gaan wanneer wij nieuwe aanschaffen naar een basisscholen die dit kunnen gebruiken. Acties:  De hardware die vervangen wordt doorgeven aan...
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