vrijdag 15 maart 2019

UN Alliance For Sustainable Fashion addresses damage of ‘fast fashion’

UN Alliance For Sustainable Fashion addresses damage of 'fast fashion'
The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, launched today at the UN Environment Assembly, is seeking to halt the environmentally and socially destructive practices of fashion, and instead harness the industry as a driver for improving the world's ecosystems.  The industry is the second-biggest consumer of water, generating around 20 percent of the world's wastewater and […]
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FrieslandCampina tekent Ellen MacArthur's The New Plastics Economy Commitment
FrieslandCampina heeft The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment ondertekend van de Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Met deze toezegging om te werken aan 100 procent herbruikbare, recyclebare of composteerbare verpakkingen in 2025 of eerder, hebben we de volgende stap gezet om onze wereldwijde ambitie te realiseren om al het plastic 100 procent recyclebaar te maken. De ondertekening […]
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